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Bulkmatic Solutions, LLC is the sales and customer service organization for trucking, transload, railyard, and warehouse operations performed by its affiliated companies. Our highly experienced sales and customer service professionals can provide industry leading solutions for your Dry Bulk trucking, transload, and warehousing needs. With strategic access to Bulkmatic affiliates’ fleet of over 500 dry bulk drivers and over 1400 pneumatic dry bulk trailers, Bulkmatic Solutions can quickly develop pricing and capacity solutions for all of your North American dry bulk supply chain needs. In addition through, our growing network of qualified, outside carrier partners, we can quickly and painlessly develop capacity for surges or for trucking moves that are outside of Bulkmatic’s traditional geographic base of operations.

Brokerage Services

Our brokerage model is designed to enable fast, agile, tactical responses to your company’s dynamic supply chain challenges. Our industry leading brokerage capabilities helps overcome challenges associated with unplanned changes in demand or irregular lanes that are outside of your normal carriers’ network. With one call – we can source the capacity you need to meet your dry bulk transportation needs without tying up resources contacting numerous potential carriers that may not be qualified or capable of meeting your needs. Our comprehensive knowledge of dry bulk trucking operations and intense carrier vetting processes ensure that you’ll get the qualified and safe carrier capacity you need.

Outsourced Transportation Management

Rail car management and transloading are in our blood and our primary goal is to help you efficiently manage your dry bulk distribution network. We can help supplement your transportation management group with an experienced, safety-focused team to manage the detailed and highly specific processes associated with managing pneumatic dry bulk shipments. Our transportation expertise allows you to confidently outsource your dry bulk load tendering, in-transit shipment monitoring, management of shipping documents, and payment of carriers. We can help with inventory management, reporting, and administration at rail yards and at customer locations. In addition, we can help with carrier management and selection and can even help you with an annual transportation bid process to ensure that the right capacity is in place for all of your dry bulk trucking network needs.

Third Party Logistics and Project Management

We can provide the resources with a range of services to help you manage the configuration and development of new areas of your dry bulk supply chain for dry bulk commodities. In addition, we can manage the difficult task of setting up a temporary transportation solution to meet a one-time dry bulk supply chain challenge. We can help select the rail yards and trucking carriers to optimize your dry bulk supply chain. Once the network is established, we can help staff the everyday processes including order management, carrier tenders, shipment monitoring, shipment and inventory reporting, and carrier payment.


Wheat, corn, soy, rice, sugar, malt, processed popcorn, cleaned grain, potato based processed products, edible salt, industrial salt, starches




Raw wheat, raw corn, feed products


Fertilizer, trona, urea, powdered detergent, steel slag, carbon black, fly ash


Soda ash, trona, calcium carbonate, lime, salt, clay, rock

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