Regional Manager of Transportation Planning


Job Description:

Responsible for the efficient and effective performance of Bulkmatic's transportation planning team.

The Manager of Transportation Planning reports directly to the Vice President of Operations Planning

Job Requirements:
  1. Manage the day to day efficiencies of a regional dispatch team. Responsible for overseeing a team of approximately seven dispatchers and ensuring workloads and schedules are appropriately assigned to result in uninterrupted service to our customers. Monitor and audit dispatch schedules to cultivate logical, safe and efficient decision making that assists in the growth and success of the operations. Identify and intervene as needed to address elevated customer and driver related issues, problems and/or discrepancies. Monitor and audit for compliance with company policy, procedures, safety, DOT regulations, and driver qualifications. Monitor and enforce acceptable equipment utilization and best practices.
  2. Performance management of personnel. Responsible for hiring, training, coaching, disciplining and supervising all direct reports. Promotes the knowledge and effectiveness of staff members to ensure dispatch is assigned in a fair and consistent manner. Engages with dispatchers to develop rapport and respectful relationships with drivers. Elevates and/or addresses escalated driver performance issues with appropriate driver manager. Effectively communicates and documents performance discussions and constructive feedback.
  3. Monitor employee safety, satisfaction, and performance. Responsible for upholding compliance with all safety-related requirements. Operates in a manner that is consistent with safe operations and complies with safety rules. Will promote clean and safe working conditions
  4. Knowledge of customer's business needs including software systems and various product lines. Actively learn to navigate computer systems, retrieve logistical data, calculate and verify load information and requirements. Ability to read and discuss dispatch plans, troubleshoot complex logistical challenges, and review driver assignments in order to contribute informed decisions and recommendations
  5. Complete required data elements. Analyze operations data and reports to promote efficiency. Communicate and collaborate with other company terminals and departments to ensure necessary information is processed, distributed or communicated to ensure seamless operational effectiveness.
  6. Represent the Company and Carry Out Duties in a Professional Manner.

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