January 29, 2019

Snow & Dangerous Wind Chills

For the next few days, it will be snowing and dangerously cold over a large portion of the US.  Trucking and Transloading are outdoor sports, and Bulkmatic is working hard to keep your product moving.  We will be moving more slowly than usual during these extreme conditions.  Please help keep people safe:

Please verify that your customers’ facilities are open and have bin space for our deliveries,
Please help move delivery times to daylight hours,
Please help us prioritize deliveries

We will not allow our drivers to unload without the receiver coming out to verify and sign off that the driver is hooked up to the correct silo, bin, etc. so please make sure they will have someone available.

Wind chills will, in some areas, range from -40 to -55.  In these conditions, frostbite on exposed skin can occur in as little as five minutes and our drivers could be out in the elements for up to 2 hours during the offload process, not to mention the effect the weather will have on equipment.  Please help us minimize the risk of serious harm.

Thank you for your business and support,

Bulkmatic Transport

For more infomation on the alerts, please click the link below.


Affected Regions

Affected regions are shaded on the map above.