About Bulkmatic.

Your partner in North American Bulk Transportation Excellence

About us/

About Bulkmatic.

With strategic access to Bulkmatic affiliates’ fleet of over 500 dry bulk drivers and over 1600 pneumatic dry bulk trailers, Bulkmatic Solutions can quickly develop pricing and capacity solutions for all of your North American dry bulk supply chain needs. In addition, through our growing network of qualified, outside carrier partners, we can quickly and painlessly develop liquid or dry bulk trucking capacity for surges or for trucking moves that are outside of Bulkmatic LLC’s traditional geographic base of operations.

Bulkmatic Transport Company is North America’s premier bulk transportation provider.  We develop tailored solutions for North American Bulk shippers through our Asset-Based Trucking Company, Bulk Truck Brokerage network, Transloading Facilities, and Warehouse Locations.


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North American Terminal and Rail Facility Footprint.

Since 1965/

About Us.

Since 1965, Bulkmatic has been one of the most trusted dry bulk transport companies in the country. A privately owned company, we realized early on that we had to provide the best possible value to our customers and that we had to make sure Bulkmatic was the best place to work. This mantra has propelled us to become an industry leader setting the standard for sanitization, driver & employee training and engagement, safety, and responsiveness.

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