Transportation Operations Planner/ Dispatch


Job Description:

The Transportation Operations Planners at Bulkmatic plan and manage the daily operations for a group of 20-30 Class A CDL, bulk tractor-trailer drivers. Responsible for managing drivers and equipment to satisfy customer capacity and service requirements. The Operations Planner will work proactively to achieve safe, error-free transportation operations to meet the needs of dry-bulk supply chain customers.

Job Requirements:

Primary Job Duties and Expectations:1

  1. Assign loads in accordance with available resources. Responsible for ensuring customer transportation requests are entered, updated, confirmed and monitored as necessary to maintain a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation operation for both shippers and consignees. This includes decision making and planning of workloads based on logistical, regulatory, and internal process requirements. Must be able to manage equipment specific information and requirements in order to meet the transportation demands of numerous specific commodity shipments. Proactively pursues creative, safe and efficient solutions to assist in the growth and success of operations.
  1. Facilitate and maintain communication with co-workers, customers and vendors. Daily and ongoing instruction to drivers and various operations support workers regarding load requirements. Must be able to communicate in a clear, professional and respectful fashion. Operations Planners are entrusted with building rapport as well as identifying and communicating opportunities for improvement. Work closely with Terminal Managers to consistently escalate performance discrepancies that require further action. Monitor for consistent implementation of practices and policies to ensure compliance with governmental regulations, customer expectation and company standards.
  1. Required Availability. Travel as needed (approximately 10% annually) for participation in on site safety meetings, customer visits, and training workshops. Operations Planners are expected to take calls and assist in the clarification and resolution of issues that are escalated beyond the expertise of our after-hours call center employees.
  1. Critical thinking and problem solving. Ability to remain composed and think clearly while under pressure or deadline. Must be able to determine the most acceptable and appropriate course of action especially when unexpected challenges or delays arise. Transportation planners must remain responsible for and committed to resolving operational complications or obstacles in order to achieve completed load assignments.
  1. Complete required data elements. Responsible for accurate and timely data entry. May be required to produce or transmit data and/or documents for co-workers or vendors. Must become proficient with the navigation of the Company's various software systems and the execution of data processing.
  2. Represent the Company and carry out duties in a professional manner. Responsible for representing the Company in a professional manner.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Age and Experience:
    • Minimum age - 18 years (in compliance with state/federal labor regulations).
    • Must have completed high school or equivalent.
    • Bachelor's degree preferred.
    • Must have verifiable work experience.
  • Knowledge and Skills:
    • Must be able to comprehend and comply with policies and comprehend instructions.
    • Must have excellent computer and typing skills, specifically Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook).
    • Must be able to operate multi-line office phone system, company issued cell phone and various office equipment.
    • Must be able to read, write and speak the English language and communicate effectively with other employees and customers both verbally and in writing.
    • Must be able to perform basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
    • Must hold a valid driver's license.
    • Must be motivated and able to work independently to complete assignments.
  • Physical Responsibilities:2
    • Must be able to wear and use required safety equipment when necessary.
    • Must be comfortable in the presence of heavy equipment.
    • May be required to perform physical work on occasion, including: walking/standing, bending, stooping, reaching, pushing, pulling, squatting, kneeling, climbing, etc.
  • Ethical Compliance:
    • Will comply with all company rules & regulations.
    • Will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

1 All duties, responsibilities and expectations are subject to change from time to time, with or without notice, in Bulkmatic's sole discretion. This is not a complete list of all duties an employee may be expected to perform.

2 Reasonable accommodations will be provided, unless undue hardship would result, as required by applicable law.

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